HP-T Supplier Compliance Guidelines

Compliance with applicable law

The supplier shall comply with legal requirements in its business relationship with HP-T. In particular, the supplier shall observe the following principles in its business dealings with HP-T:

Mutual respect and non-discrimination

The personal rights of each individual shall be respected. Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. No one may be disadvantaged, favored or harassed because of their race, ethnic origin, skin color, nationality, gender, religion or ideology, physical or mental disability, age, political conviction, sexual orientation or other legally protected characteristics.

Prohibition of child labor

No workers who have not reached the minimum age according to ILO Convention 138 are employed in the performance of services and deliveries to HP-T.

Avoidance of taking advantage and bribery (corruption)

There is no acceptance of advantages or bribery. As a general rule, employees may not accept, encourage or demand, offer or grant any personal advantages in connection with business activities. The prohibition on accepting or granting advantages applies to all benefits and favors that could call into question the objectivity of the employee’s work.

Commitment to fair competition

Agreements that restrict competition are taboo. Market-relevant agreements with competitors, in particular regarding prices, offers, terms and conditions, production programs, sales quotas or market shares, are not permitted.

Confidentiality and protection of data and information

The supplier shall handle confidential information responsibly and observe the relevant regulations on trade secrets. It shall comply with the applicable statutory regulations on data protection.

Environmental protection

The supplier assumes responsibility for the environment and complies with the relevant environmental regulations, conserves resources and minimizes environmental pollution.

Working conditions

The statutory regulations on working conditions, maximum working hours and minimum wage in the respective country must be complied with. Occupational safety and health management have high priority. Occupational health and safety regulations must be observed in order to avoid health hazards.

Compliance with foreign trade, tax, customs and embargo regulations

The company’s employees are obliged to observe and comply with the relevant foreign trade, tax and customs legislation and embargo regulations when conducting cross-border business.

Compliance with these principles by business partners

As far as possible, the supplier shall ensure that the principles of these Compliance Guidelines are also observed by its business partners involved in the business relationship with HP-T.

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