What do we mean by sustainability?

Almost everything is possible with plastic these days. It is the basis for the majority of industrial products and is therefore indispensable, especially in industry. The production and use of virgin material in the plastics industry requires the use of valuable resources such as energy andCO2.

This is where we come into play: we use the longevity of plastics for our processes by recycling plastic residues for reuse in industry. Thanks to our recycling process, we can save resources and provide a high-quality product that is in no way inferior to virgin material. For us, the rejects or leftovers from your production are recyclable materials that we process for reuse.

With our business concept, we want to make a contribution through plastics processing and upcycling so that as much residual plastic as possible is preserved and reused. This goes hand in hand with our guiding principle of the “ideal circular economy” for the sustainable use of valuable resources.

However, it is not only what we do that is sustainable, but also how we do it: We rely on our own electricity consumption with a large PV system, in-house electrical logistics and also sustainable employee involvement. On sunny days, our large PV system at the Raitenbuch site enables us to produce our regranulates and compounds using 100% solar energy.

Our company vehicles are hybrid or electric cars and are powered by our wallboxes, which are of course also available to our guests.

We have also set ourselves the goal of having to thermally recycle less than 3% of plastic in the long term.

Our expertise

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