With our 5 extrusion lines at the Raitenbuch site, we can process regrind into high-quality regranulate. The input comes mainly from our own production in Ellingen, but is also partly purchased from external partners.

Regranulate consists of regrind, which is processed using the so-called extrusion process without the addition of additives.

In this process, regrind is melted by pressure and increased temperature and formed into granulate. The result is a product that is easier to process and convey thanks to the additional processing step.

We produce lenticular or cylindrical (re)granulate, which, like the regrind, is absolutely pure in terms of type. Thanks to our high-quality input material, regranulate from HP-T can easily replace virgin material in almost all applications.

Thanks to 80% of the electricity we generate ourselves at the plant we also save a significant amount of CO2 equivalent. The end product is made available to you in sacks, octabins or big bags, depending on customer requirements.

Further products

Compounds incl. HP-T own compounds

New goods/procurement

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